BioniLUG February 2023 MOCs

BioniLUG Members continue to churn out cool new models, from creepy robots to dancing robots, from helpful bots to hurtful bots, from cat models to Kitsune foxes, and more. Read on to check out some of the MOCs.

Transcendence by Will Hafner


This is a bizarre model, with the human figure having a giant robot head. The design isn’t super complex, but it makes good use of the large Mata pieces and the garage door elements. Plus, the lighting really sells the mood.

Broodmother by Alex_Mocs


This is a creepy crawly. The color balance with the white limbs and dark blue body / head is well done, and it has some great shapes. Plus, I like the swords in the legs.

Purifier by Kitsua


This mech may be tiny, but it has a lot of crazy articulation for the scale, and really portrays a lot of character with its impressive pose. Built for Droneuary.

The Dance Dance Revolution by Iggs

The Dance Dance Revolution

The game is easily identifiable, but the character is quite snazzy and has a lot of great parts usages, from the Slizer heads in the torso and feet to the Kanoka in the head. On top of all that, he’s striking quite the pose while dancing.

Xazabi Hunter Power Suit by Duncan Lindbo

Xazabi hunter power suit

I always enjoy a good purple Bionicle MOC, and this guy has some interesting designs going, especially with the clever base and pink orbs. The black and purple balance on the suit is cool, and the special lighting (as seen on the weapon) also helps.

Antique Orator by Lord Oblivion

Antique Orator

This is another creepy design. The bright red whips as wiring really stands out over the other muted colors, although it did confuse me on the scale until I started recognizing the other pieces. Some good use of the old gold pieces though.

DeNN1S by Chris Kanak


He looks like a bot who just wants to help out. The yellow head has some fun curves on it, and the many limbs work for its robotic look.

MX-23 Robbery Fly by The Underscored Double

MX-23 Robber Fly

A fun little spaceship with some sleek shaping, especially for its small size. And hey, it counts as Bionicle because it has Whenua’s drill on the front. (Although I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of a drill on the front of a fast moving aircraft; if it hits something to use the drill on, wouldn’t that mean trouble for its flight?)

Kati by Sarahtonin


This is a neat simple commission model. The color balance is quite good, and I like how the cat ears were made.

White the Kitsune by Margits_Mocs

This fox’s body is a little bit blocky, but the head looks great, and the colors are fantastic. The white clouds on the mane give her some great texture.

Sadra by Calcifer

I’m not exactly sure if the purple mask goes with the white, orange, and black figure, but this Toa’s got some cool unconventional designs. There’s a lot to light, from the thighs to the spiky hands, but I am particularly impressed by the torso pistons.

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