BioniLUG March 2023 MOCs

It’s been a while since we last featured the MOCs made by BioniLUG members, so let’s change that with a look back on what they built in March 2023. From mechs to dragons to trees to chefs to more mechs, there are a lot of cool builds. Read on to check them out.

Lord of Many Eyes by Iggs

Lord of Many Eyes

This guy is mighty creepy, and the torso is very “eye catching” as it were. He’s also got some interesting spiky armor, and that painted axe adds to the horror.

Isa by Max-Howell


This guy has some interesting texture, with the light gray and dark blue contrasting nicely. I also like the repeated use of the Tohunga heads.

Kurahk by Kraata Kink


This is a cool Rahkshi designed in the Toa GWP style. The design for the legs works really well for the Kurahk.

“LongArm” Exo Loader by donutsftw

"Longarm" Exo-Loader

This mech does a great job at utilizing teal elements and still having a streamline design. The detailed legs are especially nice.

Peppino Spagetti by Optimus Convoy

Peppino Spagetti

There’s a lot of character in this build. The micro food items are cute, but the chef is especially expressive.

Vastt, Toa of Gravity by MySnailEatsPizza

Vastt, Toa of Gravity

The purple and gold works really well here, and the intricate torso has a lot of great angles and greeble.

Tenebrae Blossomwood by Woomy World

Tenebrae Blossomwood

We don’t often get a lot of landscape designs from Bionicle builds, but this tree has a sleek but organic look, and the lavender leafs off the black branches really stands out.

Paladin L. S. Kobra by BallomNomNom

Paladin L. S. Kobra

This reptile looks ready for adventure. I like how the bulky armor fits around him, and the face turned out great.

Athaya by Aiden.Builds


The repeated texture looks really good on this dragon, and the Visorak fang as the horn helps keep the nice flow.

Tahu Toa of Fire by Calcifer

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We’ve seen a lot of Tahu models, but the color shift on this one is very impressive, and that’s before you take into consideration the cohesiveness of the limbs and torso.

Rondo the Necromancer by Sarahtonin

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This warrior looks quite tough, and showcases the speckled pieces nicely. Plus, that cape works.

Col-ti and Venco by Cement Addiction

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This bug has some fun mechanical details, built from the spare parts from some Creator sets. Meanwhile the mech manages its shape with a few interesting designs too, especially with the blades on the chest.

MF-FS01: Flight Sentinel by Lord Oblivion

This mech looks to be really fast with a lot of nice angles, plus he has some striking colors. I also like the wheels and wires built into the torso.

K-R7 JUNO by Kitsua

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Here’s another mech that means business, which again makes good use of angles and colors. Also, it has impressive heels.

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