BioniLUG stands for Bionicle LEGO Users Group. (A LEGO Users Group, in case you didn’t know, is a group of people typically consisting of Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) who (usually) hold regular club meetings and often exhibit at LEGO conventions throughout the world.) BioniLUG spun off from BZPower and is focused on people who like to attend conventions or participate by sending their creations to them. It’s essentially a way to organize those people and get some support to them from The LEGO Group to help improve their enjoyment of the hobby.


What do I get for joining?

LUG members will receive:

  • An engraved BioniLUG brick to add to their brick badge at fan conventions or otherwise display
  • A special image indicating their membership in BioniLUG on the BZPower forums
  • Access to the the LEGO benefits below

Here is some of what The LEGO Group offers to LUGs:

  • Access to the AFOL Appreciation Days at LEGO Brand Retail (LBR) stores – this will give you 15% off at LBR Stores on four designated AFOL Appreciation Days each year*
  • A certain amount (based on size and level of activity of each LUG) of LEGO sets which can be used for internal or external activities as prizes, set reviews or for competitions
  • Participation in the LUGBULK program allowing LUG members to buy bulk brick directly from LEGO for use in creations

*The AFOL Appreciation Day program is available internationally at LEGO Brand Retail stores, but not LEGO Certified Stores.

What do I have to do to join?
There are a couple requirements for joining BioniLUG, but we’ve tried to keep it simple:

  • You must attend at least one LEGO fan convention a year


  • You must send in MOCs to at least one LEGO fan convention a year

How much does it cost?
BioniLUG costs $10 to join initially and $5 every year after that. The cost covers your customized brick and helps keeps our website running.

When you join initially, you pay your $10 up front. From then on, dues are collected on or around every May 1st. If you join on or after November 1st, your dues will count toward the collection in the next year.

I live in [insert country]: can I join?
People from any country can join as long as they meet the above requirements. All members will receive the engraved brick, LUG member indicator, and access to the subforum. Additionally, however we decide to distribute the sets we get from LEGO, all members will be considered equally.

All members can register for the AFOL Appreciation Day. If your country does not have LEGO Brand Retail stores, you won’t be able to participate in that program, unfortunately.

Want to join?

Simply send an email to contact[AT]bionilug[DOT]com and provide:

  • Your name
  • Your BZPower username (if you have one)
  • Your Discord username (most of our communication takes place on Discord)
  • Your PayPal or Venmo username, for dues (if you don’t have either, we’ll figure something out)
  • Your mailing address, for sending your LUG brick