Most of our events are covered more fully on BZPower, but we intend to assemble a handy reference here as well.

Events by year:
Upcoming Events (2018)
Past Events (2018)
Past Events (2017)
Past Events (2016)
Past Events (2015)
Past Events (2014)
Past Events (2013)

Any of the following are considered to be BioniLUG events:
1) A convention circuit event with at least one BioniLUG member attending
2) An event where BioniLUG has coordinated a presence officially recognized by the event staff
3) An event where 3 or more BioniLUG members are contributing to a Bionicle-related display (where “contributing” includes manning tables or providing MOCs and/or sets)

This rule was informally adopted in late 2015 and may be applied inconsistently when describing earlier events.

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