BioniLUG December 2022 MOCs

2022 was a pretty good year for MOCs, and BioniLUG members closed it out by posting a lot of good creations as the year ended, from contest entries to Secret Santa gift MOCs. Below are a small selection of their talent, and we look forward to seeing what everybody makes for 2023.

Cephalo-phage by The Underscored Double


Based on an Alpha Team: Mission Deep set, this squid makes good use of modern parts. The various blades and tentacles work exceptionally well here, but my favorite part is the mask hidden inside the upper mantle. The underwater speeder has a sleek design too, but will it be enough to get the Agent to safety?

Swarm Valkyrie: Rotor-Fly by MucusDrizzle

Swarm Valkyrie: Rotor-Fly

The fifth entry in a Mech Telephone game, an interesting concept where new MOCs are based on previous entries. This one features a insectoid copter with some nice color blocking and a tight build for its size.

Swarm Valkyrie: Pseudoweapon Kusanagi by Kitsua

Swarm Valkyrie: Pseudoweapon Kusanagi

The final entry of the telephone game, I like how the tendrils of the character feed directly into the massive weapon. The character has some very interesting parts usages that flow quite well, especially with those feet. And the gun’s size and details are impressive too.

Antique Princess by Lord Oblivion

Antique Princess

The color and parts usage here are inspired, and they all come together to form a very creepy face. Even the mix of the old and new grays on the legs help sell this as an aged antique. This was part of a Thanksgiving collab.

Ascension by BallomNomNom


A Secret Santa build for Marko, this build features an interesting skeleton design with lots of gold rings mixed in. The knee design is particularly interesting, and the parts usage on the upper cape is great.

Red by Dviddy


Another Secret Santa built for Red. This one has some great shaping to it that is a bit difficult to get with CCBS; I like how the skeleton torso fits in with the rest of it, and the contrasting black arm stands out. Not a bad pose.

Sari V3: Other Worldly Vagabond by Princess Mittens

Sari V3: Other Worldly Vagabond

The shaping on this MOC is quite good, especially the knees and feet. The colorful cape and mask, however, are what really tie this together, as they contrast nicely against the rest of the black body.

2022 Self MOC, Spiderman style by Renzari Kenjo

2022 Self MOC, Spiderman style

The style used here is pretty good, maintaining color consistency while keeping the articulation the same. I like the incorporation of the jacket, and the detailed hairstyle is a nice touch.

BioniLUG Collab 2022: Mecha vs Kaiju

Overview: Build either a Mecha or a Kaiju and send it on the BZP Convention Circuit to participate! MOCs will be put on display fighting at multiple conventions and perks will be given to those who participate in the collab including  free sets and raffle entries! (Note: in order to receive the perks, you will have to ensure you sign up for the circuit.)

What is a Mecha/Kaiju: Mecha are giant piloted robots popularized in anime (like Gundam) and movies (like Pacific Rim). Kaiju are giant monsters popularized in movies (like Godzilla and Pacific Rim) and television (like Kamen Rider or Power Rangers). Build your coolest mechs and beasts so they can fight it out across North America!

Additional Requirements: All MOCs should be scaled to the Hero Factory Invasion From Below (HF IFB) series minifigs. Those minifigs’ dimensions are approx. 7x4x2 studs (tall x wide x deep) as shown in picture below:

Hero-Fig Furno

MOCs are not required to have a figure, but it would be cool for some of them to be piloted by the HF figs! To keep MOCs in this scale and to scale with one another, please follow the below height rubric:

Other Considerations: As more of a general guideline, Mecha should be more angular and mechanical while Kaiju should be more organic in nature. Kaiju are giant monsters, after all, so they should have some sort of claws/fangs/spikes. Mecha should have more mechanical detailing and armoring as well as weaponry. They have to fight the Kaiju somehow, but how they can fight is up to you.

Scenery: Mecha and Kaiju are pretty awesome on their own, but they look even better when they’re laying waste to a city! In addition to building awesome robots and monsters, we’re looking for people to make buildings and other scenery to spread around the display to give it some scale. The good thing is, since they’re not the main focal point and they’re there to be destroyed, they don’t have to be super-detailed or even look finished. Some things we’d like to see:

  • Buildings scaled roughly to 10 bricks per floor – they don’t need to have windows or even four sides, but they should be free-standing
  • The preferred color scheme is light-grey to allow the mecha and kaiju to stand out from the scenery, but you can use your discretion
  • Other minifig-scaled objects like vehicles for the mecha and kaiju to stomp on

Also, these MOCs will need to be shipped and displayed so, while not required, please take into consideration stability and durability when making your MOCs. It makes it easier on everyone involved!

BioniLUG Display in Timonium, Maryland Next Weekend

On December 9th, from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM, BioniLUG will have a display at the Baltimore Toy & Collectible Show at The Maryland State Fairgrounds at 2200 York Road, Lutherville-Timonium, MD. Look for our original creations and familiar faces in the lobby outside the show, then enjoy the vendors on the show floor, including AFOL convention mainstay Classic Plastic Bricks. There should be plenty of great non-LEGO toys available at this event too, but you’re guaranteed to be able to see the LUG exhibit and a few LEGO deals inside.

Past Events (2017)

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