BioniLUG Bio-Cup 2023 Preliminary MOCs

Bio-Cup always has a lot of amazing MOCs built towards it, and BioniLUG members contribute quite a few of them. A lot of them built for the Preliminary Round, which has the theme of “Villain” going for it. There are a lot of interesting takes on the theme, creative building designs, and overall cool creations. Our LUG really had a great output, and many have processed to the next round.

The One Percent by Mucus Drizzle

The One Percent

This is a clever way of villainizing the rich. The suit is sleek but simple, and I like the imagery of the houses in the palm of his hand, as he’s obviously controlling the real estate market. The money and smokestacks also sell the theme.

Neonatal Harvester by Cody Avery

Neonatal Harvester

Machines entrapping people like this is not uncommon in BioCup, but this MOC does a really good job of selling the deed, with the mechanical body of the machine paired with the organic tentacles. The green vats also stand out; those babies never stood a chance.

Omnidroid by Aiden Builds


Recreating this classic Incredibles enemy must’ve been quite the challenge, as it was mostly circular with tube arms. But the shapes managed to be pulled off here and it’s instantly recognizable. Impressive.

Oni Lloyd by Woomy World

Oni Lloyd

We don’t often see Ninjago themed entries, so this is a treat. The Oni himself has some very striking design choices, from the chest to the hair. But the fabulous designs of the golden weapons are my favorite parts.

Dr. Gila by MySnailEatsPizza

Dr. Gila

This guy has some clever design choices. I thought at first that the kraata container containing the brain would be the best feature, and then I realized his torso is also transparent and showing his innards. Very impressive.

Prince of the Void by Calcifer_project

Prince of the Void

This guy has a lot of cool elements from his head to his chest and thighs, but dang if those wings don’t impress the most. Great use of so many of them, it looks very solid!

MadVillainy by Kat’s Koncepts


These characters are quite simple, mostly shaped by the large capes. But the unique helmet designs and overall structure of the scene around the caldron really pulls the whole thing together. I wonder what they’re brewing?

Meng Yan by Ryan Z

Meng  Yan

A very creative spirit. I especially like the tile texturing on the wings and the big red ears.

Shadow Sorceress by Sarahtonin

Shadow Sorceress

The wisps on the top of the cape are nice, as are the chain belt. The krana here works well as the sorceress’ face, complete with a fancy hat.

Guitar Hero by Iggs

Guitar "Hero"

He has a lot of cool designs here, from the shoes to the mow hawk and Ruru shoulder pads. But I like the flame wing pieces on the guitar the most.

Taba the Outlaw by Renzari Kenjo

Taba the Outlaw

This bug isn’t going to let you swat him. I like the mix of the fly parts with cowboy aesthetics. And hey, the Humungousaur had returns, although with some additions this time.

Elite Serrator by Mitch Henry

Elite Serrator

There are a lot of interesting pieces used here, from the Galidor armor to the various tentacles and gear elements. And apparently the blade function works, which is impressive.

The Blood Moon Rises by Will Hafner

The Blood Moon Rises

Krika blades are always nice, and a full circle of them is quite striking. The tentacles and blades on the silver spectre also work.

Chain-Gun Charlie by Kevin H.

Chain-Gun Charlie

This guy seems more like a funny villain of the week, but the gun in his torso is still a fun take. Plus good use of the Bohrok faceplates on the thighs.

Deathmonger the Defiler by Matt Goldberg

Deathmonger the Defiler

This guy looks proud of his latest loot. The armor includes some interesting bits, like the dragon and wolf skulls on the arms and torso. I also find the skulls on the scythe handle funny.

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