BioniLUG May 2023 MOCs

The month of May saw a few new additions of MOCs from BioniLUG members that are worth featuring. Although most builders were pushing their talents to Bio-Cup, read on to check out some of the other impressive creations.

Blyrakas by Aiden.Builds


This serpent dragon is truly amazing. The repetition of the flippers, leaf elements, and flags give it excellent shaping and texture, and the colors really stand out. Of course, getting that organically curved pose at this size is also impressive on its own. Quite the masterpiece.

Viral Deception by Will Hafner

Viral Deception

This is a fun take on viruses. (Well, maybe not fun for whoever is hosting them.) The use of the kraata container is neat, and it looks like an Amoeba MOC was squished inside of it.

Slizer Disc Display by Xccj

Slizer Disc Display

Slizer discs may not have had the same collectibility as Bionicle Kanohi, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look grouped together, with the addition of a mosaic logo for the theme.

The Yóuxía by Ta-Metru Defender

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This character, built for the Fantasy Collaboration, is suitably armored up with some nice color blocking and a rustic base.

Gun Saint by Cement Addiction

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This robot is well armed, and it’s fun to take in all the gun details squeezed in here. The juxtaposition of it on the crosses is a nice feature.

ZK-UNIT: AQUAMARINE by Lord Oblivion

This robot looks quite tough, and has a very strong color scheme. There are a pot of nice parts used, from the diamond pieces on the shield to the Nuva masks on the shoulders.

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